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ver the past 30 years, Kantines.com specializes in the construction and set up of canteens (and of any mobile and non-mobile type of restaurant). Operating in this field since 1990 has provided us with rich experience and the due know-how needed to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Our advanced technical equipment and highly technically trained personnel guarantee our products’ manufacturing quality and our ability to meet all needs and requirements. We aim to construct and set up our canteens in accordance with the requirements and equipment selected by our clients.

The demanding food and beverage establishment sector requires attention, construction materials tested and approved in accordance with hygiene legislation, and great precision. Over these years, all the above, combined with our affordable, unbeatable prices, have made us a market leader. Our continuously increasing sales and exports bear testimony to our superior product quality and the unquestionable excellence of our services.

Finally, we are pleased to announce the expansion of our operations to the field of mobile homes and prefabricated houses. Here too, we aim to construct all types of housing or work units to satisfy even the most demanding requirements. Visit us to see what we can offer you.



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